Steven Hoffman, the chairman of the Cannabis Control Commission, said Wednesday the regulatory body is “agonizing” over striking a regulatory balance between public safety, health, and access to the state’s eventual marijuana market.

Addressing concerns raised by state officials about the scope of businesses that will be allowed to sell marijuana, Hoffman told Jim Braude on "Greater Boston" that all opinions are being considered as they prepare to review draft regulations issued in December.

 “I think there's arguments that have merit on both sides, which makes the job that much more difficult," Hoffman said.

Among the issues raised about the draft regulations were licensing provisions that would go beyond retail shops to include marijuana cafes and delivery services, as well as the sale of marijuana at existing “mixed-use” businesses like movie theaters and galleries. That prompted pushback from officials including Governor Charlie Baker, heads of state agencies, lawmakers, Attorney General Maura Healey and Boston Mayor Mary Walsh.

“This is a very tough industry to regulate straight out of the gate, and people should crawl before they walk, and walk before they run,” Baker told reporters last week.

Asked if the CCC could handle the oversight duties for the proposed market, Hoffman attempted to offer assurances.

“We won’t launch unless we feel like we can, and part of it is making sure we have the technology in place so that we can administer licenses,” he said. “Unless those technologies are in place unless our complete staffing is in place, then we won’t do these things.”

Pro-marijuana advocates have argued that limiting the scope of who can and cannot receive a pot license would block out small players from the market. In a statement last week, Jim Borghesani, communications director for the 'Yes On 4' campaign, said that state leaders are engaging in an “intimidation campaign” against the CCC.

Hoffman told Braude however, he does not feel any pressure by state officials — only personal pressure to “get this right.”

"I know what I've been doing is I've been reading every comment we've gotten and agonizing over this,” he said.

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