After I played a 7-minute sonic adventure from the German artist Die Wilde Jagd, NPR Music Lars Gotrich astutely realized that, with his pick of The Messthetics, the theme of this show was probably going to be "a little bit weird and loud." The Messthetics are a power trio made up of Washington D.C.'s most adventurous, often rock-leaning, musicians. Brendan Canty (drums) and Joe Lally (bass) are best known as part of D.C.'s venerable Fugazi, while guitarist Anthony Pirog makes experimental-but-accessible guitar music in many incarnations. Maintaining the theme, and adding a bit of humor, I picked a song by Superorganism, a band with members scattered throughout the world that makes its sound by sampling and chopping up their own recordings and memorable choruses with found sounds. The pastiche has firmly planted itself, on repeat, in my head.

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