Maybe you expect Moscow to be snowy.

But even for Muscovites, the amount of snow that they experienced over the weekend was exceptional.

On Saturday, seven inches of snow fell on Moscow, breaking a record set in 1957 for heaviest daily accumulation.

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Then it just kept snowing.

Over 2,000 trees collapsed. One person died from the storm. Now the city is dealing with power outages.

"I have never seen anything like this,” says Sergei Goryashko, the Russia correspondent in Moscow for the BBC. “People are shocked.’’

Here are some photos that people in Moscow sent The World of their buried city.

Agatha Gilman, 17, is a student at Moscow State School #1514. 

“It really looks like something from a fairy tale,” she says, describing the view from her window. “All the trees are kind of bent down from the snow.’’

Moscow resident Filatova Daria is not upset about snow at all. “I really like this weather,” she says. “[It’s] like in my childhood.”

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