Gov. Charlie Baker has distanced himself from embattled casino mogul Steve Wynn, following allegations of alleged sexual harassment and assault against employees of his gaming empire.

Yet during an interview with Boston Public Radio Monday, Baker was hesitant to take a stand on Wynn’s role in one of the state’s largest construction projects — a $2 billion Wynn Resort project in Everett — at least until a Massachusetts Gaming Commission investigation is complete.

“Let the Gaming Commission do what they need to do here, OK? I mean, they were set up as an independent entity for a reason, and we should give them the ability to perform their independent duty,” Baker said. “But the allegations are serious, they should be taken seriously, and my hope is that they can move very quickly to reach a conclusion with respect to whether or not it meets the suitability test. I would hope they would do what we would all expect them to do if they don’t.”

The Wynn Resort project is subject to a suitability standard that the Commission is looking into.

A Wall St. Journalreport released Saturday detailed a pattern of misconduct involving dozens of people, including pressuring workers to perform sex acts.

Wynn denied these allegations, saying “the idea that I ever assaulted any woman is preposterous.”

Boston Public Radio host Jim Braude asked Baker if Wynn would meet the Gaming Commission’s suitability standard, should the allegations prove to be true. “No,” Baker responded. “God, no.”

“I’m not the decision-maker. That’s important because we have a state law here that defines who the decision-maker is,” Baker said. “I said I thought that the allegations are appalling and disgraceful, and we reached out and talked to the Gaming Commission and told them we wanted them to move quickly on this. If they do their review and determine that Wynn doesn’t meet the suitability standard, then they should reach out to the folks at Wynn and tell them that.”

Wynn resigned Saturday as RNC finance chairman, a position President Trump selected for the casino mogul following the 2016 election. In a statement, Wynn said he didn’t want the scandal to distract the Republican party.

Baker has asked the Republican Governors Association to return funds from Steve Wynn and his firm.

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