A Boston Globe Spotlight series leads to neighborhood meetups to discuss race in Boston. How are these conversations going? Art or eyesore: Is it time to remove the South End’s “Landwave” public art piece? And can a beloved Dorchester deli modernize while keeping its traditional Polish roots? It’s this week’s local news you may have missed!


Stories we discussed in this week's roundtable:

PLUS: Here's a recent picture of the Landwave public art piece in the South End, courtesy of The Boston Sun's Twitter feed:

UPDATE: The Landwave sculpture public meeting with @PublicArtBoston will be held on Wednesday, January 17 at 6p.m. at Boston City Lights located at 1150 Washington Street. Residents hope to remove the sculpture, which is in disrepair and causing safety problems. pic.twitter.com/93FAvmtkOb— The Boston Sun (@TheBostonSun) January 11, 2018