In 1971, The New York Times and then The Washington Post began publishing excerpts from the Pentagon study of American involvement in the Vietnam War that became known as the Pentagon Papers. The new Steven Spielberg film The Post is about the role that paper played in the story, and particularly the decision-making of Post publisher Katharine Graham, played by Meryl Streep.

The Post landed on a lot of critics' year-end lists — Bob's included — so we talk about what parts of it work best. We also try to break down what some of us didn't quite find satisfying about it, despite the skill with which it was clearly made.

We also talk about what's making us happy this week. Stephen is happy about a holiday special we can never talk about enough and the thrill of sharing it with family. Glen is happy about a ubiquitous song that may well be playing near you right now. Bob is happy about a documentary he was excited to discover. And I am happy about a musical number that will delight you.

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