November means different weather to different places, so it's presumptuous to assume that everyone is looking forward to an evening spent bundled up in front of the fireplace with a pile of fleece blankets and a cup of hot cocoa. But if you want to simulate the spirit of a cozy November night, you could do far worse than "Winter," the tenderly rendered new single from Irish singer-songwriter Rosie Carney. Coming from a musician who so effectively articulates alienation and thwarted desire, it's no surprise that "Winter" paints a delicate, bleakly beautiful picture of seasonal isolation.

Writing via email, Carney herself describes "Winter" as "a confessional song written about knowing when something is over. It's inspired by the brutally honest truth experienced when realizing something is coming to an end, whether or not that's what you want. It captures the true, cold essence of winter, which can be felt when letting go. It was, of course, written in the winter: The instrumentation and production were very much inspired by the cold and bare landscapes around me. Everything is raw and minimal."

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