Governor Charlie Baker says sexual assault and harassment allegations against Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore should be taken seriously in the wake of multiple accusations of sexual misconduct with teenage girls.

Baker said that Moore, who is the Republican candidate for Senate in the Dec. 12 Alabama special election, should remove himself from the race.

“I think he should step down,” Baker said in an interview with Boston Public Radio Monday, “and if he doesn’t step down, I don’t think he should sit.”

Multiple women have come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against Moore, including a woman who said the former Alabama state judge initiated sex with her when she was just 14 years old.

When asked about similar allegations against President Trump, Gov. Baker drew a distinction.

“I would argue that in the case of Moore, you have a whole series of claims at this point that don’t seem to be disputable,” Baker said. “Many people seem to be making the case that they believe, even people who plan to vote for him say that they, for the most part, believe these condemnations and these issues that have been raised.”

“I think in some respects,” Baker continued, “those are as troubling as anything I’ve heard.”

BPR host Jim Braude followed up, asking Baker if that meant some of the charges against Trump were disputable.

“Oh, no,” Baker said. “As far as I’m concerned, the big message that’s come out of all of this is that there’s a tremendous amount of really bad behavior that’s gone on over a very long period of time and I’m glad that  ... women are getting to the point where they’re comfortable speaking out about it, since a lot of this stuff involves literally decades of issues and heartbreak.”

At least 13 women have accused Trump of sexual impropriety, with allegations ranging from sexual harassment and misconduct to sexual assault.

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