During an interview on Boston Public Radio Thursday, Congressman Mike Capuano criticized the Trump administration's response to the devastation in Puerto Rico. 

“I think every American should be embarrassed by this,” Capuano said.

It has been a month since Hurricane Maria hit the U.S. territory and CNNhas reported that 80 percent of Puerto Rico is still without power, the death toll has risen to 48, and many residents are still without food or water.

Despite this, President Trump told reporters today during a meeting with Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello that he would give his administration a “10” for how it has handled the hurricane response. Capuano strongly disagreed, and he said he thinks the administration's poor response is because of race.

“If Puerto Rico were populated entirely by Caucasians the likelihood of what is happening to them would be minimized and everybody knows it,” Capuano said. “Just look at Texas and Florida, they had the exact same thing happen to them a week or two before it happened to Puerto Rico, and they had an adequate response.”

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