Angel Olsen performs with incredible intensity, whether she's performing in an acoustic whisper or cranking out searing rock 'n' roll at the head of a band. Her most recent album, last year's My Woman, tilted toward the big and brash, signaling greater volume to come. But on Nov. 10, she'll return with Phases, a new collection of B-sides, demos and previously unreleased songs that capture most every dimension she's revealed so far.

Today, Olsen releases the album's first two tracks: "Special," which she'd recorded during the making of My Woman, and "Fly on Your Wall," which came out earlier this year as part of Bandcamp's Our First 100 Days benefit project. "Special" is particularly, well, special — a churning, slow-building seven-minute jam about fear of a failure to meet expectations. She needn't have worried.

SeparatorPhases comes out Nov. 10 via Jagjaguwar. Track list below:

  1. "Fly On Your Wall"
  2. "Special"
  3. "Only You"
  4. "All Right Now"
  5. "Sans"
  6. "Sweet Dreams"
  7. "California"
  8. "Tougher Than The Rest"
  9. "For You"
  10. "How Many Dreams"
  11. "May As Well"
  12. "Endless Road"
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