A convoy of search and rescue experts from Massachusetts left Sunday evening for Houston to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.
The 16 specialists in rescuing people during floods are driving to Texas with 6 boats in tow.
Tom Gatzunis is a member of the urban search and rescue team that the water rescue team is part of. Based in Beverly, the team is made up of hundreds of volunteers with the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
Gatzunis says there's a simple reason for doing it.
"I know that if my wife or my children were trapped, I would want the best of the best going in to support them and get them out, Gatzunis said. "And if we don't do it, nobody will do it — who would do it? So we step up and do what is necessary."
Gatzunis says rescuing people from inundated homes and collapsed buildings is dangerous but rewarding.
It will take the team 36 hours to get to Houston.