Two people were killed Friday in a stabbing attack in Turku, Finland, and police say they have apprehended a suspect after shooting him in the leg.

Regional police forces said on Twitter that six other people were injured in the attack, which took place in the center of the city about 100 miles away from the capital, Helsinki. It wasn't immediately clear what condition they were in.

Authorities did not immediately identify the attacker or state what his motivations may be. The Associated Press reports that Finland's YLE broadcaster quotes the county's top police chief Seppo Kolehmainen saying that "nothing is known about the motives ... or what precisely has happened in Turku."

Police said the incident "was not being investigated as a terror attack, but that could change as new information comes to light," according to YLE.

It's also not clear how many people took part in the attack. Local police say they are "searching for possible more perpetrators in Turku."

They asked people to avoid the area in the center of the city, though according to YLE, by evening authorities said they "were confident that the centre of Turku was safe for the general public once again."

Police presence has been ramped up around the country, and YLE quotes the interior minister saying that "surveillance of foreigners was to be stepped up at ports and airports."

The Interior Ministry says the case has been turned over to the National Bureau of Investigation.

The AP reports that witness Laura Laine described the attack to YLE: "We heard that a young woman was screaming. We saw a man on the square and a knife glittered. He was waving it in the air. I understood that he had stabbed someone."

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