The Southern dialect is a complex thing, especially when pouring out the mouths of three of the regions best rappers ever. From the marble-mouthed flow of trapper du jour Gucci Mane, to the elongated vowel sounds of the dearly departed Pimp C, to the sticky, multi-syllabic delivery of OutKast's most consistent player Big Boi, it comes in all drawls and colors.

Which is what makes "In The South" — the latest single previewing Big Boi's fourth solo album Boomiverse (out June 16) such a thang of beauty. The song, featuring Gucci and a resurrected hook from the vault of the deceased Pimp, follows previous Boomiverse teasers "Mic Jack" featuring Adam Levine and "Kill Jill" with Killer Mike and Jeezy. Coasting atop a luscious groove, the Cory Mo-produced "In the South" rides cleaner than a Caddy with a pine tree air freshener hanging from the rear-view mirror.

Gucci comes through with an intimidating opening verse, while Big reminds us that Southern rap's decade-plus takeover started off the well-beaten path: "Even though the radio refuse to give us air-play / Bump this s--- in your Cadillac, your Cutlass or box Che-vaay."

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