Will Texas' new anti-immigrant law lead to major boycotts? Can a cumbia ringtone help Spanish-speaking immigrants learn their rights? And how have Latinos affected Boston's workforce? All that and more on this week's Latinx roundtable!


Julio Ricardo Varela, digital editor for the Futuro Media Group, co-host of the podcast “In The Thick," contributor to NPR’s Latino USA and founder of Latino Rebels. Follow Julio on Twitter.

Marcela Garcia, bilingual journalist and editorial writer, columnist and editorial board member for the Boston Globe. Follow Marcela on Twitter.

Stories we discussed in this week's roundtable

- Boston Business Journal:Report: Latinos make up the fastest-growing share of Boston’s economy (you can read the whole report here)

- Boston Globe editorial: Lowell should dismantle ‘majority rule’ system

- Associated Press: Top immigration lawyer conference pulling out of Texas

- The New Yorker: Why police chiefs oppose Texas's new anti-immigrant law

- Pitchfork: SXSW Rejects Senators’ Call to Leave Texas Over Anti-Immigrant Law

- Latino Rebels: Two Old and Aging Ex-Baseball Players Have Issues With Baseball Players not Speaking English

- Huffington Post:Luis Fonsi Responds To Justin Bieber Butchering ‘Despacito’ Lyrics

- Mitu: Someone Created A Cumbia Ringtone To Help Undocumented Immigrants Learn Their Rights

- Latino USA: Jessica Colotl: ‘I Was Shocked When My DACA Was Revoked’