On Thursday, former FBI Director James Comey will testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee for the first time since President Trump fired him. Trump wished Comey good luck — the question is, is Trump the one who needs it? Will more details come out about Trump asking Comey for his loyalty? If Comey believed that Trump was obstructing justice by asking him to back off of the Russia investigation, why didn’t Comey act on it? We opened the lines to get your thoughts.

Boston Globe editor Brian McGrory joined us to chat about the latest headlines.

One of the Russia leaks whodunnits has been solved, and it’s a 25-year-old NSA contractor. National Security expert Juliette Kayyem joined us for that, and a full debrief of Wednesday’s Comey hearings.

Donald Trump may end up becoming the patron saint of the ACLU. In January, when they were fighting his executive order which banned travelers from a handful of predominantly Muslim countries from entering the US, the ACLU received $24 million in one weekend in online donations. Then last weekend, President Trump unwittingly gave the ACLU another assist in a series of early morning Twitter messages. Trump assailed the Justice Department’s revised version of his travel ban, which he called "watered down" and "politically correct." In doing so he may very well have undermined his administration's legal case for a temporary travel ban. Carol Rose, the Executive Director of the ACLU of Massachusetts, joined us for this and more.

Good news For President Trump, America has secured its greatness as a world leader in health inequality, currently ranked at number three. Medical ethicist Art Caplan joined us for this and more, including Mylan Pharmaceuticals’ epic failure in lowering the price of the EpiPen.

Then, our Concert Roundtable, previewing upcoming performances in a diverse range of genres with:

WCRB’s Brian McCreath, who's behind the Boston Symphony Orchestra broadcasts and produces and hosts The Bach Hour and The Answered Question podcast

Rob Hochschild, an Associate Professor of Liberal Arts at Berklee College of Music

Brian O’Donovan, the host of WGBH’s "A Celtic Sojourn."