Give that Netflix habit a break this summer and pick up one of these books recommended by our panel of librarians! We discuss books for kids, teens and adults, including the latest releases from a best-selling young-adult series, debut novels from women of color and introspective, moving memoirs.


- Julie Roach, manager of youth services at the Cambridge Public Library. Follow the Cambridge Public Library on Twitter.

- Robin Brenner, teen librarian at the Public Library of Brookline. Follow the Public Library of Brookline on Twitter.

- Eileen Sherman, librarian at the Boston Public Library. Follow the Boston Public Library on Twitter.


Book resources from Callie Crossley, Julie Roach, Robin Brenner and Eileen Sherman

Here is the full list of recommendations from our librarians and Callie:

Eileen Sherman’s picks: Adult fiction, nonfiction

Robin Brenner’s picks: YA lit

Julie Roach’s picks: Children’s books

Callie’s picks