Admit it: You can't help but check your phone when you're behind the wheel. Distracted driving has evolved from fiddling with the radio to taking Snapchat videos while on the freeway. It's a dangerous, addictive habit we see in other drivers and ourselves. So how can we get drivers to put down the phone and focus on the road?

Callie Crossley speaks with three safe-driving advocates and experts who tell us more about how our dependence on technology is severely affecting our driving habits, and perhaps, how technology can save us from our distracted-driving epidemic.


- Emily Stein, president of the Safe Roads Alliance, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting safer driving. Follow Emily on Twitter. Follow the Safe Roads Alliance on Twitter.

- Karen Twomey, spokesperson for AT&T. TheIt Can Wait campaign, which works to stop texting and driving, is a part of AT&T. Follow It Can Wait on Twitter.

- Susan Moses, deputy director of the Center for Health Communication at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. The Center for Health Communication helped to create the public-health campaign popularizing designated driving. 

Watch the @SummerBreak and It Can Wait PSA featuring Jacy Good:

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