Father John Misty is back with another opus. Like his previous two solo albums, Pure Comedy is epically orchestrated and vast in its scope, with head-spinning observations on fame, social media, technology and the overall state of humanity. In announcing the new album, Father John Misty shared a video for the title track, a lengthy dissection of what he calls "the comedy of man."

While the video includes images of politicians and scenes from the past presidential election, Father John Misty says "Pure Comedy" is about so much more. "There's nothing political about 'Pure Comedy,' " he tells NPR Music in an email. "Unless that's what the viewer wants, even with all the gratuitous footage of political figures. The video is only 'about Trump' in that the video is about human beings."

"Pure Comedy" also appears to take on everything from big pharma, global warming and natural disasters to religion, gluttony and human folly in general.

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