In Wednesday's press conference with reporters, President-elect Donald Trump was again asked whether he would release his tax returns.

It’s been a burning question throughout the campaign and since his election — and one that Trump has dodged repeatedly. His answer Wednesday was no different: “Only reporters care about my tax returns. The American people don’t care. I won the election,” he quipped.

So, we decided to ask you, our listeners and readers, whether you cared if Trump released his taxes. You responded. Boy, did you respond.

Within a day we received more than 700 comments on our Facebook pages, more than 900 tweets and about a dozen emails. While we got a few from people who don't care if Trump releases his taxes, the vast majority of you said yes, you do care.

Here’s a sampling of responses from our Facebook pages:

Robin Schlatter said, "I'm a welder not a reporter. I am interested."

Jane Palomera Moore had more to say: "I really want to see them. I do think releasing tax forms would be a step to inspiring confidence in the over 50% of Americans who voted against him, and also would be a productive step taken to dispel the suppositions and rumors about less-than-savory business doings. I also appreciate a president who sets a precedent for transparency, and Trump is the least-transparent PEOTUS in decades (perhaps ever). If he is framing tax returns as a ridiculous issue, he ought to release them like he said he would. Obama humored the racist vitriol of the birther movement and show the press his birth certificate - Trump can do the same for a reasonable request like tax returns.

”I think it is the essence of our democracy that our leaders are completely transparent with their finances," said Greg Tyler. "[His] tax returns tell us everything we need to know about his past dealings his current dealings and what kind of a person he really is. That he is the first president ever to not share his tax return is offensive and an affront to the American people who all work hard for what we haveeven to the extent that it might be something we have to have put into law.”

The president's taxes aren't required to be disclosed by law. But custom and history has led nearly every major US presidential candidate in modern history to release his taxes. And the public seems to expect it.

Some of you tweeted in your answer. Like @Bethnoteliza.

"I am a US citizen. Yes, @pritheworld I want to see @realDonaldTrump tax returns before Jan20 #thatmeansnow"

And @bikesunnybike said, "I am not newsmedia and I would like to see #Trump release his tax returns and follow through on his promise."

Some of you said that if Obama had to produce a birth certificate for legitimacy, then Trump should show details of his finances.

From @Eh_Double: "If Trump can fight to see Obama's birth certificate then we should be able to see his taxes."

Richard Wittman Horan added something a little harsher. "No tax returns, Lock Him Up !"

And then there's this sentiment, though it was rare in our poll: "Why is it any of anyone’s business? Can I see your tax returns and make them public to the world?"

People who wrote in said Trump might not be willing to release his taxes because he has something to hide. Joan Dulbergsaid wrote in an email to us: "I'm extremely concerned that this sets a very bad precedent for the future. From now on, everyone running for office could say they're not releasing their tax returns because if the president didn't, why should they?"

Here are a couple more people, though, who think we all need to move on:

Charles N. Carter had this to say: "Idiocy... Trump has high paid CPAs and Tax Lawyers handle his taxes... he takes the maximum legal deductions and pays the minimal allowable tax LIKE YOU AND ME... his taxes are irrelevant but only to those looking for dirt... He can either do the job or not and in 4 years you can vote and judge him then."

And from Mary Chiasson: “Regardless if Trump releases his tax records people will still find a reason to distrust him. We as a nation need to understand he is going to be our President and stand behind him. I am so tired of hearing how he's not my president. Well sorry he's been elected as your president stop whining about it, its over and done. Its almost like people want him to fail. How does America win in that situation?”

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