The three women in The Wild Reeds love a good crescendo. They have three powerful upfront voices in Sharon Silva, Kinsey Lee and Mackenzie Howe and they all write songs to honor and embrace their soaring voices. Since their Tiny Desk Concert a little more than a year ago, over a half of a million people have seen it on our YouTube Channel.

I'm happy to hear that there'll be a new album by The Wild Reeds, called The World We Built, this spring. Mackenzie Howe wrote "Only Songs," the track we're premiering from the upcoming record. Mackenzie told me via email that the song's words came to her in one sitting, which is rare. She took it as a good sign. "It's about the feeling that music gives you," she says. "If you've ever toured you know that your whole day of driving and waiting and sound-checking revolves around an hour or two every night — the live show. And that it's such a rush, and an honor to perform, that you're willing to live with your friends in a van just to do it again and again every night. It's also about the moment when you realize no man [or] woman, relationship, or status can give you the satisfaction of the strange and holy experience that is your own creativity. There's a freedom in music found nowhere else and it doesn't discriminate, it's in the garage and the cathedral."

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