The latest single from Bonobo's upcoming album, Migration, is a brooding, four-on-the-floor dance thumper featuring vocals from Nick Murphy (formerly known as Chet Faker). At first, "No Reason" seems to drift into focus from another dimension, glittering with Murphy's delicate falsetto over gently arpeggiated synths. But the mood makes a subtle shift toward something darker and edgier once the beat kicks in. "We'll move or go home somehow," sings Murphy. "Looking like soldiers waiting to drown. And I'm not around no more."

Bonobo, otherwise known as British DJ and producer Simon Green, says he wrote the music first and gave it to Murphy as an instrumental. Murphy later added the vocals, and the two recorded the final version in their home studios.

"No Reason" is one of several collaborations from Bonobo's new album. He also recorded tracks with Rhye, Nicole Miglis of Hundred Waters and the Moroccan band Innov Gnawa.

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