Note: This week's +1 podcast is hosted by NPR Music contributor Timmhotep Aku.

SeparatorHannibal Buress is a stand-up comedian, writer and actor loved for his brand of irreverent comedy and his gift for finding absurdity in the seemingly mundane. It's an audacity that informs not only his sense of humor, but also his taste in music.

A hip-hop head from Chicago's West Side, Buress is a true rap omnivore whose tastes run the gamut from the uber-popular to the obscure. In this week's +1 podcast, Buress explains his love for NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders' widely panned 1994 song "Must Be The Money" while, in the same breath, praising Nas's classic verse on the Raekwon song "Verbal Intercourse." He also geeks out over Wale and Ghostface verses, explains why he plays songs on repeat with no regard for his ex-girlfriend's ears and says he hopes to one day record his own "club banger."

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