Guðbjörg Tómasdóttir, the Bubba in the Swedish/Icelandic group My Bubba, met My Larsdotter by chance eight years ago in Copenhagen.

Larsdotter says, "I had a room to rent in my apartment and I put up an ad and Bubba answered it. ... I was doing the dishes and singing and she came out and asked me to do the harmony on a song she was writing, and I agreed."

They've been singing together ever since — although it's not all perfect harmony.

"When we met, the whole thing went so smoothly," Tómasdóttir says. "I moved in the next day from when I saw the room and we just started singing together. ... We're also very much in sync with so many things ... the harmonizing [in our music] is a metaphor for that, I think."

And did Bill Clinton's nickname "Bubba" have anything to do with naming the group?

They both laughed, but no, the name comes from Tómasdóttir's great-grandmother. 

Below, catch one of their clips.

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