Good morning, here are our early stories:

-- Two Police Officers Killed In Des Moines, In Apparent 'Ambush-Style' Attacks.

-- More Surprises: FBI Releases Files On Bill Clinton's Pardon Of Marc Rich.

And here are more early headlines:

Report: Iraqi Troops Break Through ISIS Front Line In Mosul. (BBC)

N.C. Lawsuit Alleges Black Voters Purged From Rolls. (WFAE)

Some Progress Reported In Venezuela Political Talks. (Financial Times)

Federal Reserve To End Meeting On Interest Rates Today. (Business Insider)

Talks Continue In Philadelphia Transit Strike. (

Russia Warns It Could Continue Aleppo Bombing. (Independent)

Political Scandal Growing In South Korea. (Guardian)

Jury Seated In Trial Of Ex-S.C. Officer In Black Man's Death. (Post & Courier)

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