The Vacuum Cleaner Museum in St. James, Mo., might be the only place where having a collection that sucks is considered a compliment.

Tom Gasko, the museum's curator and a former door-to-door vacuum salesman, offers guided tours through nearly a century and half of vacuum cleaner history. The oldest ones date back to just after the Civil War.

"The original vacuum cleaners were developed before there were motors," Gasko says. "The first ones used a crank kind of like an egg beater."

The museum houses more than 750 vacuum cleaners. The first electric machines came out in the early 1900s, and Gasko has a few that still work. One of his favorites was made in January of 1910.

"He's 106 and a half years old," he says.

To hear Gasko fire it up — and also hear the whir of others in his collection — click on the audio.

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