When there's something strange in your neighborhood, you could call the Ghostbusters, or you could call the real spectral scientists, the Paranormal Research Association of Boston. Ian Murphy, the founder of the association, along with paranormal investigators  Anya Cauble and Mia Swanson joined Boston Public Radio, phantasmic news quiz.

The investigators work pro bono, taking on the requests of those with paranormal concerns. Murphy describes their work as a public service. "We like to help people," he said. Despite their many experiences confronting the strange and inexplicable, the three investigators have never definitively seen an otherworldly apparition. Murphy is even starting to wonder if ghosts are real. "As I have been doing this professionally, my belief has gone down," Murphy said.

To hear the members of the Paranormal Research Association of Boston talk about their investigations and compete in this weeks news quiz click on the audio link above.