We The People is a mobile app that's promising the high brow conversations you have in person with the anonymity you find online.

The app hosts conversations, tracks candidate support, and offers users "up-to-date news and social info about the candidates, detailed insights into who their community supports, and a place to express their opinion."

While for the moment it's posturing itself as a presidential election must have for political junkies,  We The People is planning to expand into a platform local political issues. "From town hall style questions about tax budget allocations to new regional laws and regulations. Town officials and candidates will be able to know their communities opinions and can connect with them on the issues that matter."

We The People's cofounders,  Jed Breed and Stephen Kemmerling joined Callie Crossley to talk about the Boston-based app, and what it's doing for the election and beyond.

You can download the iPhone version of the app here, and the Android version here.