A new game has been released that would even allow Trump University graduates to perform surgery on the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump. The game, Trump Surgeon Simulator, let’s players perform open heart surgery on the real estate tycoon like a satanic game of Operation.  

The game begins with an anesthetized Trump laying peacefully on an American flag pillow. His chest is cut open, revealing his ribs and internal organs. As the surgeon, players can choose from all sorts of tools like a golden axe, various sized scalpels, golden scissors, lasers, and nose hair trimmers, to break his ribs and start removing his precious innards. Once removed, players can replace Trump’s heart with either a stone or gold heart. If so inclined, you can also place a perfectly cooked Trump steak into his chest cavity. when the surgery is over, you can sterilize his wounds by pouring an expensive bottle of Trump vodka over his body.

The game’s websiteis tracking how many players decide to make Trump a stone cold villain or a gold-hearted hero. Currently, 40 percent of players have given Trump a gold heart, while 60 percent have given him a stone heart.

“It’s pretty funny,” said medical ethicist Art Caplan about the game on Boston Public Radio Wednesday.  Although Caplan has not actually played the game yet, he believes it brings up many puzzling medical questions about Trump. “Does Donald Trump have a heart to operate on, I don’t know?” said Caplan. “Where is the racist part of his brain?”

Listen to our entire interview with medical ethicist Art Caplan above.