Rep. Joseph Kennedy III is working toward making the Kim Davises and Hobby Lobbies of the world a thing of the past with the “Do Not Harm Act.”

The act would amend the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” and prevent anyone from using their religion to hinder civil liberties. While the original intentions of the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” were in the right place, the act has been used to deny people and employees their rights, says Kennedy.  

“That free exercise of one's religious beliefs has been used to impinge upon rights and beliefs, and equal protections of others,” said Kennedy on Boston Public Radio Thursday.

Kennedy called religious freedom “one of the fundamental bedrock values of our country.” He ensured that the “Do Not Harm Act,” would not drastically alter the  “Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” in any way. “It maintains that act but it does say that the free exercise of one’s religious beliefs should be limited by the harm it inflicts on somebody else,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy said the legislation would ensure protections around non-discrimination laws, workplace laws regarding wages and compensation, laws regarding children’s welfare, and acts of healthcare.


Listen to Boston Public Radio’s interview with Rep Kennedy above.