President Obama privately met with a group of Democratic donors last Friday and urged them to vote for Hillary Clinton, since he believes Bernie Sanders’ campaign has reached its breaking point. We opened up the lines to ask, do you think he’s right? Or is the president off-base and out of line?

Boston Globe business columnist Shirley Leung stopped by to chat about casino mogul Steve Wynn, who recently released the design plans for the new Everett Casino. Leung posed a question to Jim and Margery: Could Steve Wynn be Boston’s next big patron of the arts?

John Hockenberry, host of PRI’s The Takeaway, has been broadcasting from WGBH for the last few days, so Jim and Margery turned the tables and asked him questions. Hockenberry deconstructed the presidential election, and chatted about his recent trip to Brisbane, Australia.

Emily Rooney, host of Beat The Press, stopped by to deliver her weekly’s list of fixations and fulminations: Things she hates, things she can’t stand, and things she won’t tolerate.

A new tech firm in Boston is offering ‘nap rooms’ to attract talent and new hires. We open up the lines once again to ask you, if your office had a nap room, would you use it? Do you believe in the power of a good nap?

Donald Trump has been criticized for his lack of foreign policy advisors. Under the Radar host Callie Crossley stopped by to unpack the diplomatic predicament Trump has put foreign Ambassadors in.

And finally, Mike Festa from Wayfair and Jeff Jacobson from Boston Virtual Reality took Jim and Margery on a journey, without ever leaving WGBH. Both BPR hosts tried out the Oculus Rift and saw Virtual Reality firsthand, right from the studio.

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