Senator Bernie Sanders has gotten some big endorsements the last few days --among them are  former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich and Tulsi Gabbard, the Vice Chair of the DNC who stepped down in order to back Sanders. However, none of his fellow Senators is supporting his run for office.

Boston Public Radio's Jim Braude pointed out to Senator Sanders that since they're the ones who know his work best is it problematic that Sanders doesn't have the backing of his peers. Bernie Sanders said it's not at all problematic, "we are dealing with a political establishment and I fully concede that the establishment is behind Hillary Clinton."  Sanders went on emphasizes that he's fine with that, "frankly, between you and me, I'd rather have grassroots support than establishment support."

To hear the Senator elaborate on what the country would look like like four years into a Sanders administration, what his presidency could mean for Larry David's career, and other observations from the campaign trail click on the link above.