WGBH HOST LEDE: The shooting of nine black parishioners in Charleston SC has reignited concern over racial violence in the US. WGBH Radio’s Senior Investigative Reporter Phillip Martin looks into how hate groups are trying to influence followers in any way they can, including on college campuses here in Boston and the links to what many view as “domestic terrorism”.


WGBH HOST LEDE: The FBI is pursuing a terrorism investigation into the killings of four marines in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  But 30 days after a white supremacist allegedly murdered nine black church-goers in Charleston, South Carolina, the Justice Department at this stage has declined to characterize the massacre as an  act of terrorism. And many want to know why?  WGBH Radio’s Senior Investigative Reporter Phillip Martin looks at the legal meaning of a loaded term: terrorism. 


WGBH HOST LEDE: President Obama on NPR this week was asked about the threat posed by domestic terrorists.

“If you just look at the numbers, then non-Islamic, non-foreign-motivated terrorist actions have killed at least as many Americans on American soil as those who were promoted by jihadists”.

Experts on terrorism agree, but argue that some conservatives downplay this fact.   The question is why?  Here’s WGBH Radio’s Senior Reporter Phillip Martin with Part 3 of his series –Defining Domestic Terrorism---the politics of a loaded term.

PM Defining Domestic Terrorism Part Three Mixdown.mp3