• We are all thankful for the upcoming long weekend and four-day work week. We went to the phones to hear if you thought a four-day work week would make your life easier.
  • Boston Symphony Music Director Andris Nelsons talked about the BSO's Shakespeare series. To hear interviews with the composers and artists behind the series, check out the Forum Network's videos here.
  • The Executive Director of the ACLU of Massachusetts Carol Rose joined us to discuss drones, public records, and Ferguson.
  • Beat the Press' Emily Rooney gave us her famous list. 
  • Boston Globe business columnist Shirley Leung joined us to discuss Suffolk University.
  • Under the Radar's Callie Crossley previewed what's Under the Radar this week.
  • Joanne Chang and Christopher Myers of Myers and Chang and Flour Bakery joined us for a Valentine's day new quiz.