Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have truly captured the attention of the media and the voters. Although their policies are on opposite ends of the spectrum, they have attracted voters in similar ways. Unlike other candidates, says the host of  MSNBC’s HardBall Chris Matthews, Trump and Sanders provide joy to their supporters. 

“I think the word we are all looking for is Joy,” Matthews said on Boston Public Radio Monday on what has made Trump and Sanders campaigns so successful. 

Matthews believes that the other candidate’s campaign are not supplying the same level of joy which has helped Trump and Bernie attract such fervent supporters. “Rubio comes out there with that tape of his. That tape, that replicant thing that just repeats itself,” Matthews said referring to how Rubio’s robotic responses have been hindering him.

"Joy is what Bernie brings to the game, it is what Donald Trump brings to the game. Focus and joy."

The joy that Matthews believes is the secret sauce of these campaigns does not come from having more balloons and free swag than other campaigns. The joy comes from hearing a candidate convince you your problems are over. 

"Bernie brings socialism and it’s not a  bad word for the people voting for him. It is a simple answer, the government will solve your problems. Big government will come in. Big government liberalism has a new name, it’s socialism," Matthews said. 

"Trump, his message is nationalism. The big shots have betrayed this country on immigration, on trade, on wars. Either we have a country or we don’t." 

“They are both clear headed and they both bring joy. I’m laughing at Trump. People behind the scenes on television, we are always laughing because he is fun,” said Matthews. 

Chris Matthews is the host of MSNBC’s Hardball. Listen to his interview with Boston Public Radio above.