New Jersey Governor Chris Christie reacted to Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker’s endorsement of the presidential candidate while in New Hampshire, a day before the Primary. “I’m thrilled to have Governor Baker’s endorsement,” Christie said. “He’s a fabulous governor.”

With his backing, Baker is in a way repaying an eight-figure favor Christie did for him in 2014, when Baker was locked in a tight gubernatorial race with then-Attorney General Martha Coakley. The Republican Governors Association, which Christie chaired at the time, invested over $11 million in Massachusetts, part of a $130 million outlay that year, according to the group’s records.

“I was happy to work for him in both 2010 and 2014,” Christie said, alluding to contributions to Baker’s gubernatorial campaigns made by the Republican Governor’s Association, which Christie then chaired. Baker received more than $11 million from the RGA in 2014, which Baker has said does not affect his endorsement. 

“Governor Baker’s endorsement, once again, tells people that you want folks who’ve actually accomplished things to come and be our nominee and to ultimately be our President,” Christie told WGBH. “Charlie Baker’s endorsement means a lot to me, everybody wanted it, and I got it.”