• We began our second day in Manchester with the director of the University of New Hampshire Survey Center Andrew Smith to get his take on last night’s debate.
  • Last night’s Democratic debate was one of the most heated of the campaign so far. We went to the phones to hear what you thought.
  • Boston Globe reporter Matt Viser faced the snowy elements to give his take on the debate and where the candidates stand going into the primary.
  • Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean is in Manchester campaigning for Hillary Clinton. He joined us to discuss why he thinks Clinton should be the next president.
  • The Chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party Raymond Buckley gave his thoughts on what to expect for Tuesday’s primary.
  • Political advisor and one of the hosts of Showtime’s The Circus: Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth Mark McKinnon joined us.
  • Governor Charlie Baker has endorsed Chris Christie for president. We opened the lines to hear if you think the Governor’s endorsement will have any impact on the Christie campaign.
  • Clay Groves and Dave Kellam from the Fish Nerds podcast joined us for a fishy news quiz.