• Even with the Iowa primary on this coming Monday, Trump decided to not participate in tonight's Fox News debate. CNN's John King joined us with his take on Trump's campaign choices. 
  • Mayor Walsh continues to push to keep restaurants open later while Governor Baker is still trying to end late night T service. We opened the lines to hear what you think of these contradictory plans.
  • Former Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea Cabral was in the studio to talk about juveniles no longer being allowed held in solitary confinement and Bernie Sanders.
  • Boston Globe columnist Alex Beam joined us to discuss the state of John Updike's faith.
  • WGBH New's Adam Reilly on where the presidential candidates stand on immigration and ISIS.  
  • Today, Rhode Island lost the legendary Bobby Cianci. WGBH's Peter Kadzis joined us to reminisce about the former Mayor.
  • Innovation Hub's Kara Miller previewed this week's new Innovation Hub