The massive winter storm working its way up the East Coast has caused lots of headaches for humans — from impassable roadways to canceled flights to city-wide travel shutdowns.

But it's brought nothing but delight to Tian Tian, the male giant panda at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C.

The zoo posted a video on Saturday of Tian Tian making the most of his snow day.

If you're concerned that he might be cold, zookeepers would like you to know that giant pandas have thick fur, and their native habitat in China features cold and snowy winters.

If you're just concerned about how many ways you can share this video with every snow-obsessed person you know, the National Zoo also tweeted out the footage.

Dedicated panda-watchers will remember that last year, the zoo posted video of Bao Bao, Tian Tian's daughter, experiencing snow for the first time.

And this year, a few days before the big storm hit, Tian Tian's son Bei Bei saw his first flakes.

Bei Bei, the newest panda cub at the zoo, was less exuberant than his big sister and his father.

"Keepers said he wasn't quite sure what to make of the powdery snow," the zoo writes.

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