Sometime between today and tomorrow, more than 67 million Americans in 19 states are facing blizzard or winter storm warnings. So we at the Tiny Desk had an idea.

We're two weeks into the 2016 Tiny Desk Contest. We're looking for the next great undiscovered musician to come play at my Tiny Desk. Frankly, there's nothing like being snowed in and undisturbed to get the creative juices flowing. So this weekend, use your phone or whatever you have at your disposal to make a video of an original song, recorded at a desk of your choosing for our contest.

While you're at it, tweet pictures at us using the #TinyDeskContest hashtag! Since we too will be stuck in our houses, we'll be glad to share the snowstorm with you and see what you're doing. Then submit your video through our contest website.

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