• CNN's John King called in to discuss the primaries and other political headlines of the day. 
  • A new tax that will tax millionaires an additional four percent is being considered in Massachusetts. We opened the lines to hear if you thought the tax was a good idea or should people be able to keep their hard earned money.
  • Senator Jason Lewis recently came back from a trip to Colorado, where he and fellow senators were shown how legalizing marijuana is affecting the state. Lewis joined us in the studio to discuss his findings and how legalizing marijuana could impact Massachusetts.
  • Frontline correspondent Gillian Findlay called into to discuss the new documentary, Supplements and Safety.
  • The oscar nominations came out last week, and movie fanatics have been arguing what films will be taking this year's golden statues. WGBH's arts editor Jared Bowen joined us to give his thoughts on this years nominations. 
  • We took your questions on another edition of Ask This Old House.