What's your favorite memory of listening to a David Bowie song? We want to hear your story: In an audio recording, set the scene and tell us why that particular song matters to you in a minute or less. To get the ball rolling, here are two examples from our own staff: NPR editor Dana Farrington remembers her father singing Bowie's "Letter to Hermione" as a lullaby. NPR Music producer Lars Gotrich stole the microphone from Elf Power's Andrew Riegler to yell the chorus to "Five Years" in a DIY space.

Use a smartphone app or another device to record a voice memo and send it to nprcrowdsource@npr.org with the subject line "David Bowie, in memoriam." Include your full name, age and hometown in the email. Your story could feature on-air and at npr.org later this week.

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