•   Foreign correspondent for Time  Vivienne Walt called in from Paris to discuss the terrorist attacks in Paris  with The GroundTruth Project’s Charlie Sennott.
  • WGBH political reporter Adam Reilly and UMass. Professor of Political Science Erin O'Brien joined us to discuss the impact the attacks in Paris will have on the presidential race. 
  • We went to the phones to hear if the attacks in Paris changed your opinion on what type of leader the US needs. 
  • US Rep. Stephen F. Lynch called in to talk about how the US should intervene in Syria.
  • The increasing threat of ISIS and Islamic extremists have made people weary and fearful of Muslims and Islam. Irene Monroe and Emmett Price joined us for another edition of All Revved Up to discuss religious tolerance.
  • Shira Springer, the investigative and enterprise reporter for the Sports section of The Boston Globe, was in the studio to discuss whether or not boys should be able to play on high school field hockey teams.
  • Founding director of the Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture Bob Thompson called in to talk about how TV news covered the attacks in Paris.