Rodeos aren’t just for cowboys anymore—they’re also, apparently, for poets.

Three members of the Typewriter Rodeo joined Jim Braude and Margery Eagan on Boston Public Radio to talk poetry, old-fashioned key strokes, and improv.

Poets Kari Ann Roy, Sean Petrie and Jodi Egerton will be at the Insitute of Contemporary Art’s "ICA After 5" program tonight at 5pm, but first they stopped by the studio for our weekly News Quiz to share a few poems.

Jim and Margery gave the poets 90 seconds to write a poem based on their prompt. But first, a poem from Margery herself:


Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Please let me talk, Jim,

Or I’ll karate chop you.


FIRST PROMPT: “Trump, Wall.”


Sean Petrie:

“Oh he sits so high, that man named Trump,

and half the country yells, ‘oh, please jump!’

The other half says, ‘stay up on that wall!

We’re with you Donald, together, we fall.’


Jodi Egerton:

From the tippy-top of his swooping hair,

to the farthest edges of the Texas coast,

you can tell that he’s got a plan.

He’s aiming high.

He’s hit the pinnacle… for this kinda guy.

His ratings may now take a dive,

but at least he got his gig on Saturday Night Live.

Kari Ann Roy:

Everyone wants someone to be the boss, right?

Everyone wants someone to be a leader,

to make sure we’re save, to make sure things are calm,

also rich—it would be nice to make sure everyone is rich

so maybe a giant wall would be a great idea

keeping the rich together, keeping the poor out—

a big golden wall would Trump everything

don’t you think?


To hear more from our interview with Typewriter Rodeo, click on the audio link above.