• Last week the White House announced that 50 American soldiers will be sent to Syria to aid rebels in their fight against Isis. The GroundTruth Project's Charlie Sennott joined us to talk about the implications of this decision. Sennott was also joined by deputy editor of global health for the GroundTruth Project Marissa Miley to discuss how the W.H.O would deal with a global epidemic.
  • Vice President of external affairs at Suffolk University John Nucci and Boston Herald columnist Peter Gelzinis were in studio to talk about the political headlines of the day.
  • Municipal elections are tomorrow, which are known to consistently have a lower voter turn out than national elections. We went to the phones to hear your thoughts of how to increase voter turnout.
  • Last week we found out that eating too much bacon can cause cancer. Now we are hearing that watching too much TV can cause cancer as well. The founding director of the Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture Bob Thompson called in to talk about this new threat and what he has been watching.
  • Beth Daley, a reporter for the New England Center For Investigative Reporting, was in the studio to discuss how the RMV favors people who are willing to pay more. 
  • Former chess world champion Garry Kasparov joined BPR to talk about his new book, "Winter Is Coming."