Tom Silva and Norm Abram joined us for another rousing edition of Ask This Old House. As always, listeners flooded the lines with all sorts of home improvement questions, and Jim Braude asked the question we have all been dying to ask, is it okay to style your hair with caulk foam? The answer is, no.

Without question though, the most helpful advice of the day was on how to prevent your floors from creaking if ghosts are haunting your house.

“You’ve got to tighten up the floor structure to either the sub floor or to the structure itself,” said Tom Silva on how to quiet those pesky specters.

Silva has had personal experience with haunted houses, saying his brother used to believe he lived in one.

“Every once and a while he said he could feel something,” said Silva about his brother's scary house.

Braude chimed in with some advice of his own for getting rid of ghosts, “You know what the key to that is, insulation.”

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