Donald Trump's Republican presidential campaign continues to lead in the polls, and this week Trump hired Sam Clovis to be his national campaign co-chairman. A week ago, Clovis worked for Republican rival Rick Perry. Clovis, a former radio talk show host and college professor, is an Iowan who has run for state treasurer and the U.S. Senate there. He Talked to NPR's Scott Simon from Sioux City, Iowa.

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Interview Highlights

On why he left Perry to work for Trump

The reason I switched was personal and I'm going to leave it at that. I've been under assault from people out here (in Iowa) because of my decision, and I've chosen just not to comment on it.

On why he changed his mind about Trump

What changed was for me to have an opportunity to sit down and discuss issues. I thought that Mr. Trump of all of the people running for office is the only one I could trust that would go to Washington and change things. And I think he will help us preserve this union.

On Trump's birthright citizenship position

This is one of the great misconstrues that we have out here. People believe that the birthright citizenship has been a lock since day one and it has not been. Mr. Trump has started the dialogue on talking about true immigration reform and that begins with securing the border.

On building a U.S.-Mexico wall

I think it's a matter of national security and national sovereignty. If you do not secure the border, then we cannot possibly amend or take a look at how we bring people into this country legally. If we can't sort legal from illegal, than it becomes a real challenge for us to figure out what we're doing here.

On why he likes Trump

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