• Margaret Marshalland  Stan Rosenberg join us to celebrate Friday morning's Supreme Court ruling that marriage equality is a constitutional right. We also get your take.
  • Shirley Leung stops by to give us her take on the marriage case and recent developments with the Olympic venues. [42:26]
  • Marty Walshstops buy his monthly "Ask The Mayor" segment and he brings super-intendant Tommy Chang to take your questions on education, and the goings-on around the city. [59:10]
    Emily Rooney discusses spanking, Tom Brady's appeal, Tsarnaev, and lays down her weekly List. [1:55:30]
  • Finally, we host our weekly News Quiz with  Goatscaping Co. founders Elaine Philbrick and Jim Courmier (and the their two baby goats!) [2:20:28]