Sean Ellis, the man convicted of murdering a Boston police detective in 1993, today was granted bail.  He was convicted of shooting Detective John Mulligan five times in the face as he sat in his car while on a security detail.    The first two trials ended in hung-juries.  Ellis--now 40 years old- was convicted after a third trial in 1995,  but has always maintained his innocence. 

A week ago Suffolk Superior Court Judge Carol Ball granted Ellis a forth trail, citing the failure of the Boston Police and prosecutors to reveal evidence connecting the investigating officers to corruption.  Bail was set at $50,000.  But Suffolk DA Dan Conley’s office pushed back against the bail request for Ellis and pointed out that he remains convicted of possessing the murder weapon and the murder victim’s service revolver.  But Judge Ball dismissed the prosecutor’s objections, and Ellis--- an inmate at MCI Norfolk --will soon have a new home, though inside and outside of it, he will be tracked with an electronic monitoring bracelet.    A date for the 4th Sean Ellis murder trial has not been set.