• Charlie Sennottchecks in with us about the devastating earthquake in Nepal, extra-judicial drone strikes, and this complicated connection between Hilary Clinton and Russia. >>Read more here.
  • Then we host our weekly politics segment with Steve Kerrigan and Jennifer Nassour. We dig into the Walsh's union donation, Baker and the MBTA and our NIMBY culture. [27:40]
  • Next we check in with you about the death penalty for Tsarnaev. Do you support Carmen Ortiz pursuing execution in the face of divided victims and a public that is overwhelmingly against it. [51:00]
  • Bob Thompson joins us to discuss the White house Correspondents Dinner, and Bruce Jenner's triumphant coming out as transgender on 20/20. [1:18:21]
  • Irene Monroe and Emmett Price stop by to talk about Freddie Gray, another troubling video of a black man, Dontrell Williams getting shot by police, and Ben Affleck's request to erase information about his ancestors owning slaves. >>Read more here. [ [1:43:55]
  • We check in with you about Bruce Jenner. Has his coming out changed your heart or mind? Do you see it heralding a change in American acceptance for transgender people? [2:24:45]
  • Finally, Shira Springershares her take on Jenner's announcement. She also post-games the marathon, and gives her take on why Tom Brady wasn't at the white house with the rest of the team. >>Download our podcast