• The notion of so-called 'microhousing' has been brewing in Boston's cramped city limits for a while now, so we get your take: Is this a practical modern approach to housing, or simply dorm rooms for millennials?
  • ThenKara Millerchecks in with  robots as writers. Are we moving from gonzo to gizmo journalism? [20:56]
  • Secretary of Education, James Peyser, stops by for his inaugural interview. He discusses everything from charter schools, MCAS vs PARCC, and the new BPS superintendent.  >>Read more here. [34:30]
  • Author and lifelong friend of Margery Eagan, Iris Krasnow stopped by Studio 3 to talk about her new book Sex After.>>Read more here. [56:51]
  • Bob Katz joins us to share some insights from today's "Worst Ref Ever" and his new book on college basketball's referees. Then we ask you about March Madness.  Are you watching at work? Is letting employees watch helpful or harmful to productivity? [1:10:08]
  • Finally Alex Beam sounds off about Deval Patrick for president, Van Morrison's epiphany, and a book club that has been reading Finnegan's Wake for 18 years. >>Download our podcast here. [1:33:18]